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Institute of Protein Biochemistry

Researchers at the Institute of Protein Biochemistry address issues in the area of protein structure and biochemistry as well as in the cell biology of membrane trafficking, signal transduction, cell proliferation and division, immunology, bacterial growth with a focus on synergies between these fields. They also develop biotechnological and pharmacologicalapplications of this basic research. The IBP has modern central bio-imaging, mass-spectrometry, FACS analysis and chemo-bio-informatics facilities. The IBP is embedded in the Castellino campus, a large research area encompassing six CNR institutes with synergic areas of expertise: IGB (genetics, molecular biology and biophysics) IMM (microfluidics, photonics) ICAR (ICT, image analysis and bioinformatics), IAC (mathematical, statistical and computational platforms), IBBR and IBAF (plant, agrofood and environmental science); and several industrial research laboratories. Moreover, the IBP is well connected to the Naples scientific community, with 19 CNR Institutes and 5 Universities with a total of about 80000 students.

Italian Euro-BioImaging (EuBI) Facility 

EuBI is a large‐scale distributed European research infrastructure  ( It aims to provide access, service and training to  European biomedical scientists in two areas: cellular/ biological imaging and in vivo/  biomedical imaging. Official operation will start in 2017 after approval of the EU and Member Countries. It is governed by theEuBI Boardwith representatives of 14 countries and EMBL.It comprises over 30 National Facilities coordinated by a tripartite central Hub located in Finland, Italy and the EMBL. The Hub and the individual facilities have been formally approved by international panels appointed by the Board, and by the EuBI member states. The Naples facility is the coordinating centre of five Facilities (located in Genova, Padova, Milano and Florence) that constitute the candidate Italian multi-modal multi-sited cellular/ biological EuBI Node. It is operated by the IBP, IMM and ICAR Institutes and is managed by the IBP. It also operates in close connection with a forming Regional academic/industrial network (Campania EuroBioImaging) dedicated to the development of bio-imaging technology for research, health care and industrial applications.