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Institute of Protein Biochemistry

Institute of Protein Biochemistry

CNR - Naples

The Institute of Protein Biochemistry (IBP) is part of the Department of Biomedical Sciences of the Italian National Research Council (CNR). Research at the IBP is centered on two main interconnected areas:  a) protein structure-function and biocatalysis and, b) molecular cell biology and pharmacology.
In the context of the first area, the focus is mainly on molecular processes that control protein stability, substrate recognition, enzyme inhibition and catalysis, with applications in biotransformation and environmental biotechnologies. The model systems range from purified proteins to bacteria and fish from extreme environments to mammalian cell lines. In addition, this basic expertise is exploited in studies of more complex issues that include the mechanisms of DNA replication, immune recognition or the generation of innovative biosensors using advanced optical and luminescence methodologies.
Within the second research area, the ongoing studies address fundamental questions of cell organization in the fields of membrane transport, signalling and immunological response at the molecular and design level. The approaches include molecular, cellular, biophysical, spectroscopy and bioimaging methods. The latter include techniques such as confocal, correlative, super-resolution and Raman-based microscopy as well as electron microscopy and tomography. In addition, this expertise is used to investigate the molecular basis of cancer or rare disease development, as well as to develop screening methods for drug/target identification. These pharmacological studies are carried out in collaboration with industrial partners in the fields of cancer, rare diseases, and novel vaccine-delivery strategies.

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