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Chemo - bioinformatics Facility

Chemo - bioinformatics Facility

Welcome to the Chemo - bioinformatics Group (CBG) at the Institute of Protein Biochemistry a synergy between the chemoinformatics strength of Dompe’ and the bioinformatics competency of IBP.  Dompe’ specifically provides its Drug Discovery Platform competency in the field of early drug discovery mainly in computer-aided drug design.

As a research group the aims of CBG are two fold:

1) To develop, and apply state-of-the-art computational techniques to tackle problems now arising in the life sciences applied to drug discovery, particularly those now appearing in the post-genomic era.

2) Computational and bioinformatic analysis of the regulation of biological processes.

As a Bioinformatics Facility, we help the researchers of IBP and Dompe’ in gene expression analysis, NGS analysis, expression/mutation correlations, Copy Number Alteration analysis and biological pathway analysis.  The facility is organized into five divisions - Bioinformatics, Chemoinformatics, Early Drug Discovery, Information Communication Technology (ICT) and software development .

The Group also maintains dedicated computing facilities of its own to allow maintenance of specialized biological databases and public access to the software and methods developed within the group. CBG has a framework agreement with the Italian super computer center CINECA, to have access to the world class High Performance Computing (HPC) facilities.


Apart from internal research activities and providing services we also actively take part in programs aimed at training young researchers in the use of basic as well as advanced bioinformatic techniques and we collaborate extensively with the research community such as the coordination of the Open Innovation initiative of the Italian Drug Discovery Group (IDDG) and the organization of strategic and scientific meetings such as the Italia Drug Discovery Summit and the Computationally Driven Drug Discovery Meeting.