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Proteomics and Lipidomics

In the  Institute of Protein Biochemistry a platform on proteomics was thought and developed in 1998-2004 thanks to a grant  of the BIOTEKNET Center of Competence of which IBP was a participant. In 2007 the following machines were set up and ready to work at the Institute: a Q-Star Triple Quadrupole from ABSciex; a Surface Enhanced Laser Desorption Ionization Time of flight (SELDI) masspectrometer from Ciphergene (now BioRad); a robotic workstation for high-throughput liquid handling from Hamilton; a 2D gel system from Pharmacia. Following a reorganization of the Institute and thanks to a recent new grant  to  IBP from Campania Region that will allow to buy three new mass spectrometers, the Institute is reorganizing the  proteomic platform that will integrate the SELDI-TOF and the Hamilton  robotic workstation with a:  AB SCIEX 5600+ TRIPLE TOF LC/MS/MS equipped with a HPLC Eksigent Nano-LC425, a AB SCIEX 4600 QTrap LC/MS/MSequipped with a HPLC Shimadzu Nexera and a ThermoFisher Mass Ibrid Quadrupol - FT/MS Q-Exactive, equipped with MALDI Interface for acquisition of images mass-spec-based. All together the machines will allow to: identify proteins, approach protein post-translation modifications and define dynamics and localization of cellular lipids and proteins. We expect the facility to be fully in function starting January 2016.

Giuseppe Manco ( Proteomics facility, Senior Researcher, IBP ) 

Giovanni D'angelo ( Lipidomics facility , Researcher IBP )

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