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Daniela Corda

Research Focus: Cell regulation

My laboratory is active in the field of lipid signalling and membrane traffic. Our general aim is to elucidate the cellular regulatory mechanisms that when defective, lead to rare diseases and cancer.
Our original work on the identification and characterisation of the phosphoinositide metabolites, the glycerophosphoinositols (GPIs), is now centred on the role of these compounds in immune and inflammatory responses in lymphocytes as well as on the use of the GPIs as anticancer drugs (leads) based on their effects on the invasive potential of tumour cell lines.

Another line of research focuses on the protein ADP-ribosylation reaction. Here, we investigate the enzymes involved in this post-translational modification, along with their regulation. In the course of these studies we have identified an ADP-ribosylation substrate, the protein BARS (CtBP1-S), that is an essential element of the fissioning machinery.
BARS mediates the fragmentation of the Golgi complex during mitosis as well as different steps of membrane transport. This has led us to investigate the molecular mechanisms of membrane fission, now a major project in the laboratory.

The main scientific achievements of our group include our pioneering work in the field of protein ADP-ribosylation, with the demonstration of some of the physiological roles of this reaction (reviewed in EMBO J. 2003, Front. Biosci. 2014) and the design of a method for the identification of the ADP-ribosylproteome (Dani et al., PNAS 2009). We have also determined the components of the BARS-driven membrane fissioning machinery that is involved in membrane trafficking and in regulation of the cell cycle (reviewed in Trends Biol. Sci., 2006; Curr. Op. Cell Biol., 2007; Histochem. Cell Biol., 2013). Finally, we have identified and characterised a class of phosphoinositide metabolites, the glycerophosphoinositols (reviewed in Biochim. Biophys. Acta 2002; Cell. Mol. Life Sci. 2009; FEBS J., 2014), which are now recognised cell mediators and potential leads for antiinflammatory drugs.


Daniela Corda obtained her "laurea" degree at the Perugia University, her PhD in Life Sciences at the Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel, and joined the National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, USA, for her post-doctoral studies. She has been working at the Consorzio Mario Negri Sud (Santa Maria Imbaro) as Group-Leader, Head of the Department of Cell Biology and Oncology and Director of R&D until 2009, when she moved to the CNR in Naples, where she works since then as Director of the Institute of Protein Biochemistry. Her scientific interests are in signal transduction and membrane lipid dynamics (see the full CV and below for details and relevant references). She is member of international advisory boards and evaluation committees, and serves regularly as reviewers for international journals.  Since 1998 she has been active in science policy focussing on career development in Europe and on gender-related issues within European organisation such as the European Life Scientist Organisation (ELSO), the EC Marie Curie Programme, the Federation of European Biochemical Societies (FEBS) where she has also chaired the Working Group on the Career of Young Scientists, and is a member of the genSET Science Leaders Panel.
She has recently been nominated as the Delegate of the Italian Ministry of Research (MIUR) for Horizon 2020 (ERC, MSCA, FET programs) at the European Commission.

See CV in pdf * format for more details  

Key Publications

  • Vessichelli M., Mariggiò S.,Varone A., Zizza P., Di Santo AM., Amore C., Dell'Elba G., Cutignano A., Fontana A., Cacciapuoti C., Di Costanzo G., Zannini MS., de Cristofaro Tiziana., Evangelista V., Corda D. (2017)
    "The Natural Phosphoinositide-Derivative Glycerophosphoinositol Inhibits the Lipopolysaccharide-Induced Inflammatory and Thrombotic Responses" J Biol Chem. M116.773861
    PMID: 28600357
  • Corda D., Mosca M.G., Ohshima N., Grauso L., Yanaka N. and Mariggiò S. (2014) 
    "The emerging physiological roles of the glycerophosphodiesterase family."FEBS J. 281: 998-1016 
  • Colanzi A., Grimaldi G., Catara G., Valente C., Cericola C., Liberali P., Ronci M., Lalioti V., Bruno A., Beccari A., Urbani A., De Flora A., Nardini M., BolognesiM., Luini A. and Corda D. (2013) "Molecular mechanism and functional role of brefeldin-A-mediated ADP-ribosylation of CtBP1/BARS" Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U. S. A. 110: 9794-9799
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  • Corda D, Kudo T, Zizza P, Iurisci C, Kawai E, Kato N, Yanaka N, Mariggiò S (2009) “The developmentally regulated osteoblast phosphodiesterase GDE3 is glycerophosphoinositol-specific and modulates cell growth” J Biol Chem. 284: 24848-24856
    PMID: 19596859
  • Dani N., Stilla A., Marchegiani A., Tamburro A., Till S., Ladurner A.G., Corda D., Di Girolamo M. (2009) Combining affinity purification by ADP-ribose-binding macro domains with mass spectrometry to define the mammalian ADP-ribosyl proteome. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U. S. A. 106: 4243-4248
  • Mariggiò S, Filippi BM, Iurisci C, Dragani LK, De Falco V, Santoro M, Corda D (2007) “Cytosolic phospholipase A2 alpha regulates cell growth in RET/PTC-transformed thyroid cells” Cancer Res. 67:11769-11778
    PMID: 18089807
  • Colanzi A, Hidalgo Carcedo C, Persico A, Cericola C, Turacchio G, Bonazzi M, Luini A, Corda D (2007) The Golgi mitotic checkpoint is controlled by BARS-dependent fission of the Golgi ribbon into separate stacks in G2” EMBO J. 26: 2465-2476
    PMID: 17431394
  • Hidalgo Carcedo C, Bonazzi M, Spanò S, Turacchio G, Colanzi A, Luini A, Corda D (2004) “Mitotic Golgi partitioning is driven by the membrane-fissioning protein CtBP3/BARS” Science 305: 93-96
    PMID: 15232108
  • Corda D, Di Girolamo M (2003) “Functional aspects of the mono-ADP-ribosylation” EMBO J. 22: 1953-1958
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  • Weigert R, Silletta MG, Spanò S, Turacchio G, Cericola C, Colanzi A, Mancini R, Polishchuk EV, Salmona M, Facchiano F, Burger KNJ, Mironov A, Luini A, Corda D (1999) “CtBP/BARS induces fission of Golgi membranes by acylating lysophosphatidic acid” Nature 402: 429-433
    PMID: 10586885

Ongoing project

  • Membrane fission. Molecular definition of the BARS-driven fissioning machinery that is involved in membrane transport and in mitotic fragmentation of the Golgi complex. The role of membrane-lipid remodelling in the fission/ fusion of cell membranes. Small molecules that modulate BARS activity, and their application in the treatment of proliferative diseases.
  • Endogenous ADP-ribosylation. Characterisation of the enzymes and substrates of this post-translational modification, along with their regulation and their functional roles.
  • Lipid signalling. The role of the phosphoinositide metabolites, the glycerophosphoinositols, in inflammatory and immune responses. Characterisation of their mechanisms of action, cellular targets and binding modules. Exploitation of these metabolites as leads for drug development and synthesis of stable derivatives.



Group Leader And Director : Daniela Corda  Director's office assistant : Marina Landolfi